Lawrence Orsini
Founder | CEO

With more than ten years of experience in all aspects of commercial energy efficiency programs – design, management, implementation and marketing – as well as a strong understanding of the Energy Efficiency policy and regulatory environment, Lawrence is well versed in the inner workings of the efficiency industry. Lawrence’s broad industry experience runs the gamut, from field auditing to managing relationships with Fortune 100 utility and corporate clients, affording him a unique ability to draw connections between policy driven utility energy efficiency program requirements and bottom line driven business spending.

Bill Collins
COO | Co-founder

Bill is a finance professional with decades of experience in investment banking, structured finance, and environmental markets. Working as a derivatives specialist in Asia, Bill used his creativity and knowledge of financial markets to spot unique and innovative ways to help his customers (large government, state and private counterparties) identify and manage complex financial risks. This knowledge and skill set was subsequently leveraged in the international carbon markets. For seven years, Bill led a team at EcoSecurities tasked with sales, trading and risk management of the largest private sector carbon project portfolio. Bill serves on OneEnergy Renewables’ Advisory Board.

Applying Industry Expertise to the New Frontier in Energy

Jeff Bouchard
Chief Financial Officer
Cian Montgomery
Director, Technology
Kerstin Rock
Senior VP, Operations
Melanie Adamson
Vice President, Marketing
Ben Conte
Director, Commercialization
Scott Kessler
Director, Business Development
Belinda Kinkead
Director, Australian Operations
Matt Brown
Director, Strategy & Operations
Courtney Blodgett
Managing Director, Brooklyn Microgrid
Andrew Dresner
Hardware Development – Lead
Renee Glinski
Software Engineer – Embedded
Chris Foster
Cloud Architect
Stephanie Hilliker
Product Owner
Kurt Rudolph
Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack
Chadwick Dahlquist
Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack
Aaron Ten Clay
Senior Software Engineer – Back End
Donald Welch
Senior Software Engineer – Back End
Jami Dwyer
Software Engineer – Front End
Ben Wick
QA Engineer
Aram Andriesian
Software Engineer
Jacob Paulsen
Software Engineer – Back End
Will Russell
Software Engineer – Front End
Matthew Schacht
Jr. Embedded Systems Engineer
Resident Doggo