Faster Response Times

View energy costs sooner than your old bill, allowing for accurate adjustments in electric purchasing strategy

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Portfolio Customization

Customize your portfolio, improving risk mitigation opportunities.

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Flexible Purchase Options

Customize your electricity hedge portfolio, improving price risk management for your facility.

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Better Renewables Integration

Cover your price exposure, for those times when the sun isn’t shining.

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Zero Cost Pilot Program

As a portfolio study, there is no cost to join this program.

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Direct Energy has partnered with LO3 Energy to better tailor energy purchasing for large commercial and industrial companies, helping them optimize and reduce costs of spot- and fixed-price purchases. The Quantum Hedging System is a web application that offers enterprise customers the ability to micro-hedge their energy purchases in one-hour block intervals, allowing a customized approach to reducing costs and managing energy use in an automated way.

Energy costs for large commercial and industrial companies are inherently volatile, increasing risk and inefficiencies. Companies work with energy providers to purchase blocks of energy on futures markets and balance their portfolio on the spot market. With insight into futures pricing models, these Texas companies have an opportunity to procure energy at lower prices.



Can I keep using Power Portfolio?
Yes! You will continue to use Power Portfolio for active transactions.

Who sees my info?
Only you and your Power Portfolio Strategist can see your information.

Will my bill change?
No. Since this is a simulation environment; your billing will not change.

How do I provide feedback?
Your Power Portfolio Strategist will be in touch to obtain your feedback regarding the Quantum Hedging System. They will answer any questions and can walk you through the system.



We are recruiting commercial and industrial companies to participate in a portfolio study.

If you are interested in testing the Quantum Hedging System for your energy portfolio, please email your Direct Energy Power Portfolio Strategist for more information.