Engage customers, enable green communities and reshape our energy future with Pando, a marketplace solution

Energy suppliers are seeking new solutions as renewable energy becomes more prevalent and customers seek differentiated
product offerings. Pando enables utilities and retailers to introduce a unique energy marketplace today so all members of the
community can trade energy in order to achieve both personal and community energy goals.

Pando Features

Pando is a co-branded marketplace designed to directly connect you to your customers and your customers to their community.

Flexible Trading: Configure your marketplace to trade energy or energy attributes and enable your consumers to source renewables from their local community
Powerful Metrics: Analyze the market with customer and trade analytics, trading dynamics, offer subscriptions, and other configurable analytics from your consumers in an easy-to-use portal
Personal Energy Management: Lead your customers on a new energy journey, starting with valuable energy tools on a branded mobile application, to learn about their energy profile and renewable engagement opportunities
Highly Extensible: Securely integrate to third-party software such as your billing system and energy devices to power your marketplace and streamline your customer’s experience
Simple Deployment: Launch a marketplace in 90 days with a team of experts who partner with you through every implementation stage from design collaboration, to test and turn up, and ongoing support
Secure and Scalable: Purpose built using Blockchain technology to ensure personal and system data security from day one and as trading transactions scale

High-level diagram showing main features of Pando.

Why Pando ?

Engage customers: Lean into opportunities to learn about your customers, create raving fans and generate
unprecedented loyalty and incremental growth opportunities.
Grow revenue and profits: Pando is a platform that starts with your community and provides the foundation for you to
create new energy products, services and solutions in the future and drive new revenue opportunities.
One-stop energy provider: With Pando, you are empowered to create a community energy market that strengthens
your relationships with your customers and helps position you as the primary choice for all of your consumer’s energy
needs in an increasingly competitive market.
Intel to create relevant programs: We’ll provide you with simple tools to help you get to know your customers better
from their energy preferences to what they’ll pay for renewables so you can create programs that are relevant to them
with the choice they desire.
Gain the right architecture: We partner with leading cloud companies so you can keep your data in your country
with global back-ups or even host Pando in your own cloud. With our global experience and track record, you can be
assured that we’ll create the right architecture for your business needs.