How to escape the Valley of Death

The Valley of Death is a term known all too well by many start-up firms – and right now the energy sector has some great innovators looking to make it through. LO3 Energy CEO Lawrence Orsini explains how to do it.   Right now, many firms innovating in the energy tech space are heading into the Valley of Death. This is the toughest point on the business development curve. It’s where false promises are caught out; where lofty visions are brought down to Earth; and where the early hype is

The new energy economy: What it means for Utilities

Innovation is changing entire industries one by one – and judging by recent comments, it’s clear some utilities are starting to realize the energy sector is now firmly in the crosshairs. As one of the world’s largest and most fundamental industries, energy faces a monumental change, bigger than any industry before it. But the utilities that play it right could be the biggest winners. AirBnB is often cited as an example of industry change – and yes, it HAS had a big impact on the hotel trade. But the end

Q&A Interview with LO3 Energy’s Lawrence Orsini and Shell’s Kirk Coburn

Following the announcement that Shell Ventures has invested in LO3 Energy, we spoke to LO3 Energy’s Lawrence Orsini and Shell’s Kirk Coburn to get their views on the agreement and the future of energy. LAWRENCE ORSINI, CEO LO3 ENERGY  Where is LO3 Energy currently as a business?  “We are currently deploying our first commercial product, setting up Local Energy Markets (LEMs) with partners in the US and abroad. We are looking to take these to market as an official product, not a pilot or project.”  How important is the next