elDesign, Forest Energy and LO3 Energy launch first local solar energy trading market

Cutting-edge tech creates App-based auctions for local electricity Fujimi residents to buy and sell energy within their community Local energy market pricing will help replace feed-in tariffs in Japan   One of Japan’s first marketplaces for local solar energy is being launched in Fujimi, Nagano, energy consulting and incubation service provider elDesign, energy retailer Forest Energy, and US technology innovator LO3 Energy confirmed today. The innovative new marketplace will allow prosumers to sell surplus home solar energy to local residents and businesses and could eventually expand to a larger scale.

Report reveals major benefits and opportunities in local energy marketplaces

  The financial benefits of buying and selling locally produced energy from rooftop solar, wind turbines and batteries within local communities have been revealed in a major test case run by energy tech firm LO3 Energy. Read the report here The growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) in towns and cities is turning the energy system on its head – with long distance distribution from large power stations being ditched in favor of local generation. And now the test, in which LO3 Energy modeled a local energy marketplace in Australia’s

Europe is leading the way in Collective Energy Consumption – now the rest of the world must follow

It’s two years since Europe legalised collective self-consumption of energy and things are starting to move fast. Find out where it’s at and why the rest of the world must start to follow suit sooner rather than later. By Scott Kessler Sharing energy from local renewable resources not only makes sense, it’s essential for the goal of carbon neutrality in 2050 – and Europe is well ahead of the rest of the world on this one. For the average utility customer, owning and managing their own individual solar panel is