How many use cases are there for Local Energy Markets?

By Scott Kessler It’s exciting when you release a product and lots of different potential customers see lots of different ways to work with it. That’s what happened when the LO3 Energy team gave our local energy marketplace (LEM) platform, Pando, it’s first major public sighting at European Utility Week in Paris earlier this month. It was the first time Pando had hit the public forums and the response was, as we had expected, very positive – but what most stood out was the level of understanding people had for

First US marketplace for locally produced clean energy launched by LO3 Energy and Green Mountain Power

One of America’s most recognized and progressive energy providers, Green Mountain Power, has teamed up with LO3 Energy to roll out the country’s first commercial local energy marketplace for customers. The app for GMP customers, called Vermont Green, will connect local businesses such as ski resorts, craft breweries and dairy farms with home solar owners looking to earn income from their excess energy production. It will allow businesses aiming to become 100% renewable to ‘top up’ their green power supplies by buying energy attributes through a bidding auction on LO3’s

Low carbon future? Give us sandboxes, regulators.

  If we want to make more progress towards a low carbon future, we have to make it clear to regulators as quickly as possible that local energy is the right – in fact, the only – way to do it.   That was the overwhelming take I got from the Greentech Media Blockchain in Energy Forum last month. The feeling amongst industry experts was that technology is moving fast, with pilot projects starting to turn into commercial offerings (at LO3, for example, we are now rolling out our B-2-B-2-C