Why World Cup football player stats should make you think about the value of your own data

As the 2018 football World Cup begins, we explain why you should be as interested in your own personal data as you are in the player stats produced at the tournament – and how Exergy is key to setting it free. Every fan is interested in the data produced by football players – their time on the pitch, goals scored, passes made, distance run, calories consumed – but have you ever thought about the data YOU produce? It may be more mundane, but you create data every day in your

Access to energy data

In 2009, Copenhagen hosted the UN Climate Change Conference and a group of us from NGOs, industry and startups came together to call for open access for consumers to permission the use of their energy data. This was a radical idea, that your energy data was your own, and that permissioning it to be used by third parties would be good for the environment, innovation and for consumers. The US has seen states take on this principle to varying degrees. Fast forward to 2018. LO3 Energy’s Exergy project is taking

Why consumers need to care more about data

The Facebook data scandal wasn’t a hack. But that is what makes it all the more important for the future of consumer data. Here’s why…   The recent Facebook scandal and the arrival of GDPR in Europe have brought the use of our data into focus: and the reality is we don’t care enough about it. Information makes the modern world go round. Whether it’s for sales and marketing, political or personal purposes, the more someone knows about you, the easier it is to engage with you.   So, your