Rapid solar growth has put the future of rate design in the spotlight – but what’s the answer?

Net metering is on the way out in some markets – but what’s next? Find out why the successful subsidy is being phased out and how #LocalEnergy markets could fill the gap… By Scott Kessler  |  Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for more industry insight and company updates It’s now just over 40 years since net metering was introduced to help encourage the development of solar and wind power across the US. The concept is relatively simple. Whenever a consumer with a solar panel produces more electricity than they

Distributech: Where’s the customer?

By Scott Kessler – Follow us on LinkedIn or @LO3Energy on Twitter for our latest news  Did anyone at Distributech spot the GLARING GAP in the mix? If the future of the electricity industry is all about harnessing the power of Distributed Energy Resources and engaging consumers to get involved – which from all indications at the show it clearly is – then from what we saw, a BIG part of the picture is currently missing. The show had everything covered, from digital twins to grid edge computing…but the truly customer-centric elements were

elDesign, Forest Energy and LO3 Energy launch first local solar energy trading market

Cutting-edge tech creates App-based auctions for local electricity Fujimi residents to buy and sell energy within their community Local energy market pricing will help replace feed-in tariffs in Japan   One of Japan’s first marketplaces for local solar energy is being launched in Fujimi, Nagano, energy consulting and incubation service provider elDesign, energy retailer Forest Energy, and US technology innovator LO3 Energy confirmed today. The innovative new marketplace will allow prosumers to sell surplus home solar energy to local residents and businesses and could eventually expand to a larger scale.