Empowering communities through localized energy solutions.

LO3 Energy combines expertise in renewables with cutting-edge proprietary technology, creating solutions that will revolutionize the way we produce, consume, and think about energy. We’re partnering with utility companies, energy wholesalers, distribution and transmission system operators, and communities all over the world to develop customized innovations for an energy secure future.



The Brooklyn Microgrid | Brooklyn, New York.

Strengthening a community through affordable renewable energy options.

In one of the most densely-populated areas of the US, one building may generate huge amounts of excess energy through PV panels on its roof, yet a building less than 5 feet away has no way to access it, and must rely on energy delivered from a substation possibly hundreds of miles away. This system is costly, inefficient, and undependable, potentially leaving entire neighborhoods without power during a storm or other emergency. So LO3 Energy teamed up with Siemens to develop a solution. The Brooklyn Microgrid reimagines the traditional energy grid model, with the concept of a communal energy network. While the utility provider still maintains the electrical grid that delivers power, the actual energy is generated, stored, and traded locally by members of the community, for a more resilient and sustainable clean energy model.

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Scott Kessler



Enexa | South Australia.

Bringing together people and technology, for a reliable clean energy solution.

Transactive energy is a concept that uses blockchain technology to conduct thousands of very small energy transactions between enabled systems automatically, creating a secure energy marketplace and effectively managing energy supply and demand at a local level. For the vast, sprawling region of South Australia, this model offers huge advantages in the efficiency and reliability of energy distribution. LO3 Energy has combined our expertise in distributed energy and cutting-edge transactive technology with Yates Energy Service’s ongoing commitment to renewable energy and grid infrastructure advancement to bring transactive energy to South Australia. To begin with, the project is focused on the Riverland region of South Australia, offering commercial customers options in renewable energy sources and pricing, as well as incentives for generating and conserving energy. The Goal of the project is to expand in scope to ultimately include a larger region and also offer service to residential customers.

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Allgau Microgrid Project | Allgau, Germany.

Piloting the future of localized renewable energy, through modeling and observation.

Millions of homes and businesses across Germany feature solar panels on their roofs, and thanks to generous feed-in tariffs, those building owners have historically been able to sell excess power back to the grid. However, they cannot sell power directly to local consumers and, with those tariffs set to expire, they face the possibility of not being able to sell at all. The community microgrid project in Allgau, being executed in partnership with local energy service provider Allgauer Uberlandwerk GmbH, will initially be a short-run proof of concept, with some prosumers selected to participate in a virtual microgrid. The project is designed to demonstrate how seamlessly distributed energy and microgrid solutions can fit into existing networks—letting prosumers and consumers realize the full benifts of a localized energy marketplace—and to establish the level of interest regional consumers have in knowing the origins of their energy, and paying for clean local energy. LO3 Energy and Allgauer Uberlandwerk are collaborating on the project with the aim of gathering valuable information on the viability of a local community microgrid, then refining an effective model based on that information and ultimately deploying a permanent microgrid in Allgau, and in many other communities in the area.

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Landau Microgrid Project (LAMP) | Landau, Germany.

Connecting communities to serve consumers and promote ongoing renewables investments.

Landau, Germany, is a Rhineland-town of less than 50 thousand residents, and it’s the site of a partnership between LO3 Energy and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), in cooperation with local energy provider EnergieSudwest—co-owned by Enovos and the City of Landau—to establish the Lazarettgarten microgrid, connecting 130 residences and 19 businesses. New solar PV panels and battery storage will bolster existing supplies, and LO3 Energy will implement a local microgrid to open up a transactive energy market. By establishing secure, localized, peer-to-peer energy trading markets, the microgrid will offer building owners a new way to receive the full benefit of investments in renewable energy, while giving consumers the choice to buy renewable energy directly from their neighbors and community members. At the same time, the researchers of KIT can monitor generated data, measure electricity consumption, and observe fluctuations in price. They can then analyze, adapt, and further refine the market model for future microgrid projects.

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