We’re revolutionizing the future of energy —
reimagining how it can be generated, conserved, traded,
and shared. And this is the key to it all.

Join the Revolution
The Community Microgrid: Greener, Brighter Energy.

The Brooklyn Microgrid (BMG) is a living example of how our technologies can revolutionize the energy model within a community. BMG operates by augmenting the traditional energy grid, letting participants tap into community resources to generate, store, buy, and sell energy at the local level. This model makes clean, renewable energy more accessible, and keeps the community resilient to outages in emergencies, among many other economic and environmental benefits.

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Imagine the possibilities of an energy-secure future.

“It means a lot to us. The environmental impact, and the fact that you can produce more energy than you’re consuming and sell it to your neighbors.”

– Joanna Erdos, Brooklyn New York

“In dangerous situations, you and your family could remain ok. Literally powered by your community’s microgrid.”

– Daniel Power, Brooklyn New York

“To be able to provide energy, for emergency services, or someone in need, that’s how a neighborhood comes together.”

– Noah Elgart, prosumer and Cobble Hill Cinema owner

“Park Slope/Gowanus is very progressive in terms of renewable energy and other such projects, and Brooklyn Microgrid is part of that.”

– Debashish Roy, prosumer and landlord

Our Technology
Applying Industry Expertise to the New Frontier in Energy
Smart Device
Our Exergy-compliant meter is a hybrid device that measures a building’s energy production and use, and communicates with the network to collectively manage energy.
A decentralized digital ledger, in which private computers verify transactions automatically. As each new transaction is verified, it’s added to the ledger.
Our Application Program Interface makes collaboration happen. It creates an open path that encourages participation and innovation from members across the network.
Our technology works on the legacy energy grid already in place, making it easy to establish a community of buildings that generate, store, and trade energy locally.