LO3 Energy is developing blockchain based innovations to revolutionize how energy can be generated, stored, bought, sold and used, all at the local level.

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Applying Industry Expertise to the New Frontier in Energy
Smart Meter
Our meter technology measures a building's energy production and communicates with the network to collectively manage energy.
A decentralized digital ledger in which private computers verify transactions automatically. As each new transaction is verified, it's added to the ledger.
Our Application Program Interface makes collaboration happen. It creates an open path that encourages participation and innovation from members across the network.
The technology works on the legacy energy grid already in place, making it easy to establish a community of buildings that generate, store, and trade energy locally.

Through blockchain technology and our own innovative solutions, we’ve developed Exergy, a permissioned data platform that creates localized energy marketplaces for transacting energy across existing grid infrastructure.
We’re just beginning to uncover the potential of the Exergy platform to influence the energy model of the future, and already the possibilities seem endless.

On the Exergy platform, prosumers—generating energy through their own renewable resource—can transact energy autonomously in near-real time with consumers on the platform in their local marketplace.
A microgrid is an ecosystem of connected prosumer and consumer energy assets. Energy is generated, stored, and transacted locally, creating more efficient, resilient and sustainable communities.
The distributed system operator is granted access to consumer data like building management systems. Using price as a proxy, the DSO manages energy use, load balancing, and demand response at negotiated rates.
EV Charging
When a charging station—public or private—or an electric vehicle has a surplus of energy, it is made available for purchase on the local network. Consumers can set budgets and be alerted to the availability via mobile app.
Allgau Microgrid Project | Allgau, Germany.
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In partnership with a local energy service provider, LO3 Energy instituted a virtual microgrid to demonstrate how seamlessly the model can be applied to existing networks-connecting prosumers and consumers in a localized energy marketplace.

The Brooklyn Microgrid | Brooklyn, New York.
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In one of the most densely populated areas of the US, LO3 Energy teamed up with Siemens to reimagine the traditional energy grid, creating a localized microgrid and empowering a community with a resilient and sustainable clean energy model.

Enexa | South Australia.
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LO3 Energy partnered with Yates Energy Service to create an efficient, localized renewable energy system for a vast area of South Australia. The project offers options in sourcing and pricing, as well as incentives for generating and conserving energy.

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Imagine the possibilities of an energy-secure future.

“It means a lot to us. The environmental impact, and the fact that you can produce more energy than you’re consuming and sell it to your neighbors.”

– Joanna Erdos, Brooklyn New York

“In dangerous situations, you and your family could remain ok. Literally powered by your community’s microgrid.”

– Daniel Power, Brooklyn New York

“To be able to provide energy, for emergency services, or someone in need, that’s how a neighborhood comes together.”

– Noah Elgart, prosumer and Cobble Hill Cinema owner

“Park Slope/Gowanus is very progressive in terms of renewable energy and other such projects, and Brooklyn Microgrid is part of that.”

– Debasish Roy, prosumer and landlord

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