February 2
13th Annual Columbia Energy Symposium

The Columbia Energy Symposium is the largest student-run energy event in New York City, bringing together more than 300 energy professionals, students, faculty, leaders, and executives representing industry, government, and society, to explore and advance our insights into today’s challenging energy questions. Key topics for discussion will include how new technologies, business models, and innovative financing strategies are disrupting the traditional energy system from the entrance of battery storage, to the rise of LNG trading, to the evolving utility business models.

December 4
gridCONNEXT 2017

The GridWise Alliance presents an unprecedented opportunity to explore policies and share best practices on building a modernized electric grid.

November 20
29th Annual Canadian Power Conference

The power industry is undergoing historic shifts, creating new industries and leaving old ones behind. Your next move could be a game-changer. Prepare to break away from the pack or build co-ventures with those who do. Standing pat is not an option. Join a host of high calibre attendees and thought leaders as the new energy industry unfolds, critical choices are made and alliances forged at APPrO 2017, Canada’s networking hub for power professionals.