Creating a revolutionary new energy market…

Why the recent agreement between LO3 Energy and European energy exchange giant EPEX SPOT is a big deal for the energy industry… The way energy is bought and sold is about to change. It has to. Like any business model, there is nothing wrong with it until something disrupts it. And that’s what’s happening with energy right now. Ever since national network grids were developed, energy utility companies started generating power in large centralized power plants, trading with other energy companies at a wholesale level to sell surplus or buy

LO3 Energy and EPEX SPOT join forces to connect local microgrids to the wholesale market

The companies find solutions for the energy world using blockchain technology Brooklyn, USA / Paris, France LO3 Energy, an energy-tech company revolutionizing the future of energy through disruptive technologies, and the European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Paris today. Both companies commit to sharing their complementary expertise to develop solutions connecting the local and the wholesale market using blockchain technology and involving clean energy. A first realization of this partnership will involve pilot projects in Europe. The LO3 technology will be deployed in

LO3 Launches Exergy

PRESS RELEASE LO3 Launches Exergy™ Exergy Token Sale Open for Accredited Investors NEW YORK – November 28, 2017 – LO3 Energy, an energy-tech company set to disrupt energy grids across the globe, announced the launch of its patented blockchain software and transactive energy system that will revolutionize the energy industry. Exergy (a term that is also used in reference to useful energy during transmission) is used here to refer to a distributed ledger that functions on grid-connected hardware, a token system for transactive energy and a foundation that advances market